Celebrate Memories

Life is a temporary assignment. When we reach our final call, we can't do anything about it, we just have to accept it and cherish the life that God entrusted us. After all, we lived a good life. We experienced success, we learned from our mistakes, we stumbled, failures after failures and we stood up and conquered the world with out vision and goals.

Today, in our family we remember the birth date of our beloved and dear late brother who passed away early morning of Christmas Day of 2011 in an unfortunate accident. It was so heartbreaking the moment the news came and our world collapsed. I don't want to talk further about it anymore, it makes me even more fragile and weak that it was one year and three months ago. I just can't. I want to celebrate his life. Our moment together as brothers, as a family. We don't get along that much before, we fight most of the time and worst it resulted to physical fight(s). That's just a brothers rivalry or something, because after a moment or so we forgive each other and bury the hatchet. That's love!

We miss him so much more than words can say. He's gone but never forgotten and never will be. He's a part of us, one blood, one name, one family. No matter how heartbreaking it is to think that he's gone for good, we still thankful that he left us with good faith and a tight strong family.

Happy birthday bro. Please continue to watch us as we continue life. We will see each other again someday but please not now and not too soon. Guide us as we go on with our ways. Thank you for the memories. We miss you and we love you so much!

With love,
Your Family. ��❤��



10 years from now, what does my life looks like? Maybe a career that's going to be envied by many, or strings of successful accomplishments related to my career, maybe a beautiful family that is too close to being perfect and again envied by many, perhaps a recognition that can be written in the history of my blood line that none of the previous has ever done or accomplished before. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Who knows!

In one of my quiet moments, I found myself staring at an object with realization about life and future. A load of random and complex thoughts just popped in with no hesitation. I even caught myself stargazing of possible scenarios in the future that I'm pretty sure I can attain with perseverance and determination. In short, a string of complicated thoughts!

First. In about 3 months time, I soon reach the age of 24 and lately with all the changes of human activity, is I guess the common age bracket to get married. Again, how can I get married at that age given the fact that I don't even have a girlfriend right now. It's been like over a year since my last relationship and it was short-lived by the way. However, my inner self spoke to me in my realization. I live in America where money come and go and how can I save if that's the case? Reality check, you can't start a family with zero bank savings, it's pretty tough to start a family imprisoned with debts and above all, it's not healthy to start a family without a secured livelihood. Where does our life supposed to end up with if there's no money on our hand? Think and think again. In the Philippines, I know people at this age already had 3 children maybe even 2 or 1 at the very least, not married, no permanent jobs, didn't finish college or even high school, and don't even own a residential house of their own, a result of unprotected sex, and the worst still depending on their parents' incomes. Pardon me, but I think it is plain stupid. Just think about it. Just think of the outcome - children - what will you give them? What will you feed them? Every children deserves a comfortable life free of depression, oppression an exploitation of the things they wanted and most importantly of the things they NEEDED the most! So, my inner self somehow taught me to initiate preparations for when the time comes, hopefully not after 40 years old, I can build a family of my own that I know I can be sure of the future, my future and my children futures.

To be able to do this, a second thought popped it. CAREER. Since graduation, I've been preparing of securing a license to join the ranks of the so-called health professionals. Nursing licensure examination. Since then and until now, I'm still in the process of chasing that goal. At some point frustrations hit me because of the long process, the pain of waiting is unbearable and appalling at the other end. However, where's the challenge if there's no twist or ups and downs, right? Challenges make you a stronger beast in the final run. All you have to do is endure. We don't cower, we conquer! Count on the will to overcome the challenge because certainly there is glory afterwards! So I developed that attitude. Patience. Perseverance. Entrust everything to God, he is bigger than our complicated lives. Trust is the keyword here! Believe! I can sense it now, success is on its way to embrace me and when that monumental scene comes, it would be such a delight. God is good. Believe that all things are possible. Right now, I'm just doing my part. Review here, review there and review every chance I get. You know, success don't come without action. Another keyword here is ACTION!

Thoughts just keep on coming in a very complex fashion. I say, I'm not worried. I started from the bottom, and here I am taking the success ladder one step and one challenge at a time. No pressures. Just live with it! Or as Nike says, "Just do it!" Or as Kobe Bryant says, "That's Mamba mentality - 'if you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear!'" In short, if you see me struggling with challenges, pray for the struggles!

RobCascayan out! Good night!


Mdnight Nightmares

In the middle of the night, I feel so calm enjoying every bit of good sleep as the clock keeps on ticking until my body got stiffened, unable to move and struggled to breath. I tried my best to at least shout to let my housemates know that there's something weird happening on me but I just can't open my mouth... the worse I cant even open my eyes. I'm not moving nor breathing but I'm half awake. Weird. One thing is I'm sure - I'm under the spell of this horrifying attack. I feel like there's someone on top of me trying to suffocate and restrain me. As the attack ceases after a minute or so there's this image of this unknown creature beside me. He's not human. He's of an elf-sized all black freak trying to stir me. After a blink of an eye the freak's gone and the last thing I knew the attack's over. Thank God. I'm still breathing. But I'm scared. Real scared.

Its not my first time. I've been fighting this attack for almost 3 years now. Yep. You read it right. Almost 3 years of sleep nightmares. I certainly don't know what causes these attacks. I don't go to sleep after eating a heavy meal so I don't see the point. Enlighten me. I need counseling. ASAP. Desperately need to know the etiology of these weird attacks. What causes it and how to prevent it from happening again.


Hawaii's 50th State Fair

Daring. Bold. Brave. Adventurous. Innocent yet hyper!

After swimming at Kalama Beach Park yesterday afternoon the group if cousins went to the aloha stadium to attend the much participated state fair. Games, foods and extreme rides awaits us in full swing.

The thing is the ride looks so innocent at first sight but when the moment we pulled the buckle and comfortably positioned ourselves and when the engine started to roar that's the time goosebumps started to make us feel scared! We rolled up and down in wide circles and left us hanging from above in seconds, man t'was awesome! Loud screams and shouts came out on us as we continued to enjoy the the fire ball ride. After a couple of minutes if rolling in circles I was like having a hangover from alcohol effect. Haha. But that was really cool!

Well I didnt take photos that much because unfortunately my phone's run out of battery. Stupid 4G phone it really consumes my battery so fast!

Till the next state fair!

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Hawaii Summer 2012 @ Kalama Park

Summer heat is on! Time to play under the sun and of course the beach waves. Sunglasses are ready. Body boards and surf boards are set. Bikinis and board shorts are in! Of course tanning lotion ang sun block are packed. Lets get it started! Letzzzz swim!

My cousin picked me up Saturday morning at our apartment to enjoy the day.. we went to the beach the afternoon and of course the highlight of the day was the Hawaii's 50th state fair at aloha stadium (will post separate post about that).

So I went swimming and played with the cool and huge waves. Saturday was all about fun. Summer is love! Hawaii is awesome!

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Fishing and Harvesting

Saturday is fun day! Mom and Dad no got work on their regular job but unfortunately (well, because it's supposed to be a family day) dad went to his part time work, his friend called him early in the morning begged my dad to help him out. So dad went to the farm while the rest of us along with our relatives went to the beach park to have some lunch, unwind and have some fun!

So we ate lunch at the beach park and it's really a good lunch. My stomach was too full and I'd love it! Hahaha. Afterwhich we went fishing at the river connected to the rocky beach using our aunt's fishing bait!! We didn't ate the fish though because it's just for fun! Real fun! Haha. I didn't catch any fish unlike my sister who got 5 river fishes! Well, at least I've tried, yeah?

I didn't catch that fish! My sister did. Props lang yan! Haha

Right after fishing, we headed to our aunt's place to harvest their lychees. I climbed the tree, I was hesitant to do it because its my first time again in a long time to climb a tree. My feet are shaking so with arms but still I managed to climb the tree and picked those sweet lychees! I'll be bringing those tomorrow as I go back to Honolulu to start a new life! So here are the lychees! 

All rights reserved 2012! No copying of pictures please! Thank you.. :)

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Where a calm mind settled and fervent prayers are granted. Life has been very good to me ever since my entrance to this amazing world. I have a beautiful family, crazy loving friends, I have everything! I consider my life as a special occasion that I'm going to celebrate every single day of forever no matter how difficult, no matter how frail the situation is, no matter how stagnant the economy and everything that lies within... This is my life, this is my show...and I'll make it spectacular!

In the stillness is a guy fortunate to have God as his true friend and companion in making ways to achieve grander heights and taking steps to new highways of infinite possibilities . Yeah! I am! You too. :)


Online to Real Life Friendship

Who says cyber friends can meet only on facebook or twitter? I prove you wrong!

Our cyber friendship turns to real life friendship. It's a good thing Mark came to the Philippines so the 3 of us can meet up and have some fun together! Indeed, we enjoyed each others company.

Nothing is impossible if you believe! Until our next meeting guys!

Pagudpud | Sparkling Sunset

Summer in the Philippines is undoubtedly incomparable. As the tag line of the summer season humbly says, "PINOY SUMMER, THE BEST FOREVER!" Indeed, pinoy summer is the best ever! My friends and I went to a summer escapade at the popular municipal beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte after successfully graduated with a degree of BSN. We deserved at least a bit of fun and relaxation. It's actually an overnight getaway and the best thing about it is we enjoyed the trip very much!

I love sunsets! So here you go! Enjoy!


Series of Complicated Thoughts

Hi there February! Please be good to me, show me mercy, and keep me in high hopes! Exactly one month and 15 days as of this posting after my brother passed away and until now, his air travel back to the Philippines where he grew up is still pending and waiting for a definite date for travel. I've been longing to at least hold my brother's hand and or hug him while restfully laying in his coffin for the very last time. Frustration is emerging on my nerves sometimes because of the pain brought about by legality issues pertaining to his travel! Brother please come home soon! :(

2 more months till my big day as a student. Graduation is fast approaching. An event that I will surely dedicate to my parents and of course my late brother and the rest of my family. And few days after my graduation, I'll be packing my things for I will board the plane back to Hawaii. So to sum it up, I only have 2.5 months left in the Philippines.


There will be smiles after this storm. There will be hope. Time will heal.


NWU Eco-Tourism Park and Botanical Garden

The last week of November, we had this so-called first aid camp at our school's very own Ecological Park and Botanical Garden located at Payas, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. It was my second time to visit this awesome place. My first was during my first year in the college. During that time, the park was not yet fully developed, I mean, as I compare to its present look it improved so much! That first aid camp was our first RLE duty for the semester. The camp only lasted for 2 days and 1 night but the fun times we had with my other 11 group mates and our 2 clinical instructors was indeed the best thing happened this semester! It feels like we went back to our elementary and high school years. Of course, we had our tents with us, canned goods and cooking paraphernalia, and the likes. Our boy scout and girl scout encampment during those years was still vivid on our memories. We served as first aiders to those elementary and high school students who had their scout encampment. We had countless cases during that time, we treated those bruised kids and ladies, feverish youngsters and a lot more.

The eco-park was truly majestic, something new that Northwestern University can offer and something that we Northwesternians can be proud of. As a nature lover and as a photography enthusiasts I truly appreciate the place with so much happiness. From the looks of it, you can really imagine how green and lovely  the place was. Flowers, butterflies, vegetables, herbals, trees and ponds will surely catch your attention and will stir your cravings! Hahaha.

We enjoyed strolling the place as our first activity during the camp. We termed that as an OCULAR SURVEY. More like a tour. I suggest that once you finished reading this post and fantasizing the pictures, go and wander at the NWU eco-park for your own enjoyment and relaxation. It is open to public according to the caretakers of the park. But always keep in mind to be responsible with your own actions. Don't litter! Don't pick flowers! Keep nothing but pictures, Kill nothing but time, and Leave nothing but memories!



SUNDAY MORNING was just fine. Cloudy and it seems like it will rain a little. Mr. Sun already peeked in unnoticed. Riding my niece’s bike, I went biking wearing my pajamas still and a black tight-fitting shirt as my work out for the day. I pedaled the bike at the mud-spattered but not wet dirty pathways of the rice fields. The crisp blows of the wind gently touched my skin and it felt good. As I passed through both sides of the rice fields, cows were busy eating their green grass breakfast; others were being tended by their owners. The rice fields no longer have that green looks because rice crops was already harvested a week ago. Well, after our place was been smack by storms lately, it was still a good harvest, enough supply until the next harvesting season. Thank God! We won’t be striking for lack of rice supply. As I drove back to our house, breakfast was ready.


Hawaii | Sea Life Park

Sea life one more time!

Whats so unique with Sea Life Park in Hawaii compared to Manila Ocean Park and Ocean Park in Hong Kong is that Sea Life Park has an island feel of the pacific ocean like no other! An island feel that will took your breath away as you smell the cool breeze of the ocean, the lush aroma of the tropics and above all, the richer than dollars smile of park enthusiasts and visitors. A beautiful memories from the island. A perfect vacation haven and encounter with dolphins and other wild life. There's nothing more buoyant than having this place at your reach bringing picture perfect memories at your digital cameras!

Enjoy my never-before-published photos!

Welcome Arch

Dolphin lagoon over looking the famous pacific ocean!

Getting ready for the spectacular show

Dolphins unleashes their talents! Grand opening presentation.

Folks watching the show

Now that's what you call HAPPINESS!

One Last Semester

by Fingerprints Digital Studio
I won't settle for anything less than God's BEST!

Yes! One last semester for this stiff-yet-rousing journey on my pursuit to the most talk about title among nursing students - the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

I thank God for helping me to make it this far and I kept on praying that He will always be on my side until I will receive the fruit of my labor and until I'll reap what I have been sowed. That's the finest thing about life! Positive thinking at its finest. My decision to go back after my parents successfully petitioned us to migrate was far by the best decision I've ever made in my life. Far by the best!!! I know how to value education. I know how to give importance my parent's and my sibling's sacrifices for me. They knew that this is for my own good, so there's no harm in trying and pressing forward! I owe my parents and my siblings a lot especially on financial matters. I don't know how will I'm going to pay them for all my debts but my goal is to get that degree and license first in order to have a unwavering job and sooner or later I can now start paying them back. I will. That's a promise!

One last semester of dealing with student-life cruelties. I know that this time around it will be a hard-hitting season for me. Graduation is fast approaching! To God be the Glory! Nailing this one last semester will be such a challenge for all of us. Dedication, determination and discipline will be my tools for this undertaking and I'm praying for a good harvest at the end of the day. In the coming months or maybe after a year, finally I'm going to see myself in that well-brought-up scrub suit to put into practice my profession - an allegiance of knowledge, humbleness and hard work for the last five years in school. God will make this happen and I'm so sure of it for I am a firm believer. I am determined, I am disciplined and I know how to set my goals!

I’m so proud of myself! Smiles… J J J


Las Vegas | The Strip

Blogger's NOTE: "This is a continuation of my previous blog post relating or pertaining and featuring the fabulous city of Las Vegas, the modern-style and luxurious living, the towers, the casinos, the travelers, everything!!! The city that took my breath away the first time I rested my foot on Las Vegas asphalted roads, hotels’ red carpets, fabulous casinos!"

The month of April was still vivid on my memory, the month that my sister invited me to stay at her place before leaving the perimeters of USA to finish my unfinished business here in the Philippines. Like any other youngsters like I, exhilaration emerged on my nerves, which finally I’m going to see the place on my “list of places to visit before I die!” There’s a part of me that says, “Rob, finally you’re going to Vegas” and there’s also another part of me that says, “You’ll leaving Hawaii now. You’ll miss your family.” Well, it is expected because it’s already planned I guess! I mean, I already planned to depart Hawaii for Philippines. It’s almost one month of spending quality time with my sister and her family. I played with the kids. I tutored my niece on her school home works. Went to the close by library with them to borrow books and DVDs. Went to strip and entered some really world class hotels like Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, Palazzo and Venetian Hotel. Ate at the very inexpensive buffet restaurant offering really mouth-watering dishes! I bonded with my sister through helping her clean her awesome house, eating and shopping because it was a long time ago since we hugged each other and ate meals together. In my 22 years of existence, I don’t remember a day or a flash that I tasted or ate my sister’s forte dish until my stay at her place. And tasting it is like seriously, they have the same cooking style with my other sister! Anyways, so much more to write about my recent trip to Las Vegas! However, maybe it’s better if you guys will just enjoy the following photos after the jump!

Bloggers, readers and photo hobbyist/addicts I welcome you again to the city that never sleeps, the sin city, the city of lights, and the fabulous city – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA! Enjoy these never before seen photographs and while focusing your eyes on these photos just imagine that what surrounds you right now is Las Vegas! Widen your imagination. J Smiles!!!

Las Vegas boulevard. Bellagio Hotel and Casino.
The famous replica of the Eiffel Tower! Paris Hotel and Casino
The busy streets of STRIP. Bellagio Arch. Aria City Center.
This is not the Big Apple! New York New York Hotel and Casino arch!

Heading our way home!